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    We had a nice talk with Pasi Kokkinen, Marketing Engineer at Black Bruin Inc about their plans for the fair.

    Hi Pasi! What are your thoughts about the new fair Swedish Forestry Expo?
    We are very thrilled to see how the new, compact concept finally works out.  

    Yes, it is definitely different from the other forest fairs. What do you look forward to the most?
    Naturally meeting all OEM’s, professional contractors, and partners. We hope to meet as many forestry professionals as possible to discuss how they can benefit from Black Bruin’s radial piston technology in the long run.

    How has the past year been and how does the future look like for you?
    Despite the global challenges, past year was very good for us, and business growth continued to be strong. We supply hydraulic motors and rotators to various industries from forestry and agriculture to industrial applications. So, the changing market conditions affect our business in a slightly different way.

    That is great to hear. So, why should I visit your stand at the fair?
    Be sure to visit, when you want to choose the heavy-duty harvester rotator to last the lifetime of your forest machine. Or improve your trailers’s off-road performance with hydraulic driven wheels. And grab along a spongy Black Bruin giveaway at the same time.

    The heavy-duty harvester rotators sounds very interesting! Which product areas will you demonstrate at the fair?
    We are showcasing our whole product portfolio for forestry applications: radial piston harvester rotators, feed roller motors for harvester heads and hydraulic wheel drives for logging trailers and forest machines.

    Is there anything in particular that you want to highlight in our newsletter?
    The true sustainability of Black Bruin rotators and motors, i.e. their trusted durability and long lifetime.

    And finally: which song would you say represents your company, and why?
    Must be something old-school but still strong and vigorous, hah. Back in Black?

    You meet Black Bruin in stand N:03d. Pictured are rotator mechanic Ari Pulkkinen and Pasi Kokkinen

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