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  • Hello visitor!

    On this page we have compiled all practical info, so that you as a visitor can plan your visit to the fair the best way possible.

    • Free entrance

      The fair is free to visit, but you need to print you entrance ticket. Children under 16 do not need a ticket to visit the fair, they are welcome in the company of an adult.

    • Opening hours

      Thursday June 3rd,  9AM – 5PM
      Friday June 4th, 9AM – 5PM
      Saturday June 5th,
      9AM – 3PM

    • Find us

      The fair is located at Solvalla, just North West of central Stockholm. The address is Travbanevägen 1, Bromma, Sweden

    • Activities at the fair

      In addition to visiting the exhibitors at the fair, various meetings and seminars will be arranged as the exchange of knowledge is an important part of the experience.

    • Who exibits?

      Here you can soon find a list of all exhibitors.

    • Free parking

      Solvalla has plenty of free parking facilities directly adjacent to the fair grounds.

    • Free shuttle buses

      We offer free shuttle buses to and from the fair continuously during the fair days from Sundbyberg Central.


    • Accommodation

      Swedish Forestry Expo co-operates with Travel Service AB. More info to come.

    • Restaurants

      Solvalla has a wide range of restaurants with tasty and well-made food. Cafés and light snacks are also available out on the fair grounds.

    • Wi-Fi

      We offer free wireless Internet access at the venue. Connect to the Network: Banguest with password: Zoogin12

    • Toilets

      You can find toilets both inside the buildings at Solvalla and out on the fair grounds.

    Products displayed at the fair

    We want you as a visitor to be able to plan your visit to the fair in the best way possible and to know that all exhibitors have products that are relevant to the professional, large-scale forestry industry.

    Therefore, only products included in the list below are showcased at the fair.

    • 1  Forest machines for large-scale forestry

      1.1   Forest machines
      1.1.1 Harvesters (single/two grip, combo)
      1.1.2 Forwarders
      1.1.3 Skidding Tractors
      1.1.4 Felling-machines
      1.1.5 Loggers

      1.2 Equipment for forest machines for large-scale forestry
      1.2.1 Harvester heads
      1.2.2 Harvester cranes
      1.2.3 Grapples for forest machines
      1.2.4 Rotators
      1.2.5 Energy cutters
      1.2.6 Soil preparation (Scarifier)
      1.2.7 Chip Harvesters (mounted, static)
      1.2.8 Biomass felling heads
      1.2.9 Stump harvesting

      1.3 Components and wear parts for large-scale forest machines
      1.3.1 Engines and transmissions
      1.3.2 Hydraulics
      1.3.3 Tyres and Rims
      1.3.4 Lightning
      1.3.5 Bogie tracks and Traction aids
      1.3.6 Seats
      1.3.7 Saw chains and guide bars
      1.3.8 Saw units for harvester heads
      1.3.9 Grapple saw
      1.3.10 Feed rollers
      1.3.11 Stump spray application
      1.3.12 Winches
      1.3.13 Heaters
      1.3.14 Radiators

    • 1.3.15 Marking systems
      1.3.16 Transducers
      1.3.17 Fuel tanks
      1.3.18 Fire protection systems
      1.3.19 Central lubrication
      1.3.20 Oils and lubricants
      1.3.21 Fuels
      1.3.22 Chemicals
      1.3.23 Cleaning
      1.3.24 Spare parts

      1.4  Electronics
      1.4.1 Forest machine simulators
      1.4.2 Steerings systems for forest machines
      1.4.3 Loading scales for forest machines
      1.4.4 Vehicle cameras
      1.4.5 Measuring equipment
      1.4.6 Communication, data transfer
      1.4.7 GPS
      1.4.8 GIS
      1.4.9 Production reports

      2  Working environment and safety

      2.1   Work huts for forestry

      2.2  Work clothes for forestry

      2.3  Protective clothing and equipment

      2.4  Terrain bridge

      2.5   Protection for forests
      2.5.1  Forest-fire protection
      2.5.2 Tree protection
      2.5.3 Decontamination equipment

      2.6  Safety equipment
      2.6.1 Anti-theft
      2.6.2 Alarms
      2.6.3  Surveillance

    • 3. Economics, research, education and other services in forestry

      3.1  Economics
      3.1.1  Finance institutes
      3.1.2 Insurance companies
      3.1.3 Banks

      3.2 Education and research
      3.2.1 Forestry schools
      3.2.2 Forest machine related education
      3.2.3 Research institutes

      3.3 Authorities and organisations
      3.3.1 Authorities
      3.3.2 Organisations in the Forestry trade

      3.4 Others
      3.4.1 Forest companies

      4. Media

      4.1 Industry Magazines in forestry

      4.2 Publishers in forestry

      5. Other

      5.1 The focus of the fair is forest machines built for the professional, large-scale forestry industry. The definition of large-scale forestry according to Statistics Sweden (SCB) is companies/forest owners with at least 5 000 hectares of forest land. Only products suitable for said definition may be showcased at the fair.

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