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  • Swedish Forestry Expo – created by the trade for the trade

    Swedish Forestry Expo is a brand new meeting place for the professional, large-scale forestry industry. The launch of the fair is an initiative developed by the trade association MaskinLeverantörerna on behalf of its members.

    Only relevant products, both machines and accessories, for the professional, large-scale forestry industry, are showcased at the fair. A meeting place where the machines are centre stage!

    Solvalla was the natural choice for the location as their facilities can support the new concept. The fair will be an easily accessible meeting place with a practical layout where visitors can experience all it has to offer. In combination with the meetings and seminars that will be organised at the fair, Swedish Forestry Expo will be a brand new arena for the professional forestry industry.

    “It will be the perfect forum where we can really meet the customers and pay full attention to large-scale forestry. With a niche fair, the content becomes relevant to the visitors and we look forward to showing our news!”

    Anders Gustafson, CEO, Eco Log Sweden AB

    “Now we can create a trade fair the way we want it. Out with the ice cream, balloons and the log splitters, full focus on the machines!”

    Carl-Henrik Hammar, CEO, Ponsse AB


    “The new fair concept makes it easier for our customers to visit us, no matter where they live. With a trade fair focusing on professional forestry, we will have more time for our customers, something that we are looking forward to.”

    Henrik Johansson, Country Manager, John Deere Forestry AB

    “We at Rottne are really looking forward to meeting and taking care of our customers and suppliers at an entirely unique meeting place. As the only fair in the world, the SFE 2023 will focus exclusively on forest machines and equipment for the large-scale forestry. The fair will give us a fantastic opportunity to showcase our range of products and services for a relevant audience.”

    Arne Isaksson, Sales and Marketing Manager, Rottne Industri AB

     “It will be exciting to test a new concept, with a niched fair. We want to give the visitors a high-quality fair experience, giving them the opportunity to immerse themselves in the things they think are of particular interest. “

    Peter Hasselryd, VP Marketing and Sales Sweden, Komatsu Forest AB

    The idea behind Swedish Forestry Expo


    MaskinLeverantörerna (ML) is the trade association for the established suppliers of mobile machines in Sweden.  ML is a forum for co-operation and exchange of experience, and a body for acting in common questions in the trade.

    ML works for healthy and appropriate commerce. The members sign up to comply with the qualification statutes for the association, which means that the member company has a stable economy and good knowledge of the trade.

    MaskinLeverantörerna has created and owns Swedish Forestry Expo.

    Read more about ML on their webpage www.maskinleverantorerna.se